Yesterday was the last day of the conference, what was the day!!! I've got so much information, new knowledge, experience. I've visited lots of seminars:

Technology as a possibility to value language teaching profession: yes, there is a choice! - Erica Coutrim

Can East meet West? Problematizing Westwards-looking educational reforms in Vietnam Your Name and Title: Dr. Thi Tuyet Tran

The youth, the community, and the planet, Anna Mirtschen (I don't know the exact tirle as was a bit late)

Global flippedClassrooms: gaining knowledge from all over the world, Igo Trazo and Katya Gaddi

Changing the Climate: How Globalizing My Classroom Created the Best Environment for ALL Learners - Jillian Thomas, Teacher

Global Collaboration in Student-Led Learning - Rachel Patton

Globalizing Curriculum for Real-World Impact: Lessons from Virtual Exchange - Katja Riikonen, Ph.D. Senior Officer – Training & Faci ... Читать дальше »

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I was waing for this event) It's great!!! It helps teachers all over the world to find new ideas, inspires them. Today I've visited "How creating accessible electronic course materials improves internationalization" by Janet Sedgley, Electronic & Information Technology Accessibility Coordinator. It was great!!! It's innovative, interesting and well-prepared. I've got a lot of intersting information. So thank you very much!!!!

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I think that this topic is quite interesting and useful for any teacher. Video is a source of information which can help our pupils not only to read about anything but see and be involved into a situation. Thanks to interactivity of the modern videos we can make a virtual classroom or situation on any topic we like.
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This unit has shown me the ideas that I even couldn't imagine. Of course I use podcasts  at my lessons, but the Idea of on-line recording was new for me. So that's really very interesting.  The main pros of using on-line audio are regularly updated, always actual, interesting and on any topic, they can be used with any device.
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The idea of using social networks in teaching has been always in my mind, but I couldn't understand how to match them. The ideas what were given, are the greatest tips I've ever heard. The idea of collaborative writing has impressed me very much. What is more interesting, there are a lot of different special sites for making surveys, e.g.

Also for me was surprising the idea of using Tweeter as a tool for teaching and learning. I've found the article very interesting)))

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Till this course wiki was for me just an encyclopedia where we can find a lot of interesting information. But the idea of usage it in the process of teaching has never come in my mind. So that's why I was really surprised to see a lot of interesting wikies which can be used during the lessons. Of course I'll try to use them, that's will be interesting experience in teaching for me and studying among my pupils. Now if someone wants to try what's this, so - my wiki
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This week has given us a great opportunity to face with different types of blogs, see how teachers from different countries provide their blogs, how they full fill them with information. Also we are have to create our own blogs. I don't know will they be successful or not, but I know that they will give us new experience and motivate us for new activities. That's my blog, it's fully in English. Of course I'm going to develop it and use it for teaching purpouse, but it doesn't mean that I won't provide my site ;-). They are like my children, I love them both)))
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This topic is really great!!! So it can help all our teachers to save our time and provide very interesting lessons. In my site I've shown some interesting features of Web 2.0 and I'm going to continue writing about these tools. And of course next year, I'm going to continue using the services and enlarge usage of them involving my pupils. 
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I liked this week very much. First of all I always wanted to participate in any international project with my pupils. I think that international projects give great opportunities for communication, self-development and motivation for studying a foreign language. With the help of projects we can communicate with people from different countries, make different links, and may be even help our pupils to choose some interesting activities that will define their future life. During this week I've got information about where we can participate, I've registered my school, so I think that we start active work in September))) So thanks a lot for this week)))
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This week helped me to look at my Word-usage from the other point of view. In general, for me it was just a way for creating some printable resources, but I seldom used it like an instrument for studies. During this week I've got great ideas for its usage. I also was impressed by "Creating picture stories" - it's a great idea, especially now, at the end of the school year, when pupils are tired and they don't want to do anything, but with the help of this activity, they are involved not only in an interesting activity, but practicing language as well.
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