Данная группа времен состоит из четырех времен:

Настоящее Длительное The Present Continuous

Прошедшее Длительное The Past Continuous

Будущее Длительное The Future Continuous

Будущее Длительное в Прошедшем The Future Continuous in the Past 

The Present Continuous
The Past Continuous
The Future Continuous
The Future Continuous  in the Past

to be (am, is, are)+ V(-ing)

to be² (was,were)+ V(ing)shall\will + be+ V(ing)should\ would + be+ V(ing)

I am working,

He (she, it) is working

We (you, they) are working.

I was working,

He (she, it) were working

We (you, they) were working.

I shall be working,

He will be working

I should be working,

He would be working