Pay attention, everybody.

Waiting to start.

I’m waiting for you to be quiet.

Are you with me?

We won’t start until everyone is quiet.

Stop talking and be quiet.

Settle down now so we can start.

Put your things away.

Close your books.

Put your books away.

Pack your things away.

Please stop talking now.

Stop talking.

Listen to what … is saying.

No more talking for a bit. That is nice and quiet. You others…sh…sh…

Calm down now, OK. That’s better.

Quiet please! Settle down and listen! That’s good. Thank you.

Many times have you been told that socializing is not done in my class.

OK, we need to be quiter to hear what everyone is saying.

Could I have your attention, please.

Not so much noise, please. Silence, please.

Get on with your work quietly.

Don’t keep turning around.

It isn’t time to finish yet.

There are still two minutes to go.

We still have a couple of minutes left.

It seems we have two or three minutes more.

The lesson isn’t supposed to finish until three.