В данном разделе вы найдете множество упражнений и тестов на различную тематику. Я рекомендую их к использованию для тренировки или контроля пройденного материала.

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Personal Details


Question Forms 1

Question Forms 2

Using Indefinite Articles - 'a' and 'an'

The English alphabet

Basic Verbs

Elementary Homophones

Relative pronouns


Days of the Week 1

Days of the Week 2

Months of the Year 1

Months of the Year 2

Rooms in your House 1

Punctuation Marks

Numbers 1-50

Speaking & Listening:

Saying Hello and Goodbye


Picture Hangman



Parts of the Body 1

Colours 1

Telling the Time 1

Telling the Time 2

Telling the Time 3

Telling the Time 4

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Learn the Dolch List

Meet Arnold Palmerstone -the most boring man on earth

North, south, east or west...?

The London Underground

Abbreviations 1

Fans Only! Quizzes:

Harry Potter

Jennifer Lopez


Ronan Keating

Britney Spears

Christina Aguilera

Orlando Bloom

Justin Timberlake

Shania Twain



Avril Lavigne

General Knowledge:

Capital Cities of the World


"its" or "it's" 1

"its" or "it's" 2

Noun, Verb or Adjective...?

Fun with Irregular Verbs 1 - Comprehension

Fun with Irregular Verbs 2 - Using Past Participles

Question Tags Using Verbs (present tense) 1

Question Tags Using Verbs (present tense) 2

Question Tags Using Verbs  (present tense) 3

Question Tags Using Verbs  (present tense) 4

Sentence Building 1

Sentence Building Quiz - Crime

Sentence Building Quiz - Sport

Complete the Sentences 1

Complete the Sentences 2

Complete the Sentences 3

Complete the Sentences 4

Complete the Sentences 5

Complete the Sentences 6

Reported Speech 1

Reported Speech 2

Reported Speech 3

Reported Speech 4

Reported Speech 5

Reported Speech 6



1. Food  

2. Prepositions

3. Animals

4. Vegetables

Family Matters 1

Family Matters 2

My Favourite Things

Around the World in Fifteen Pictures 1

Around the World in Fifteen Pictures 2

Speaking & Listening:

Totally Terrible Tongue Twisters!

Research Tasks:

The UK Hit Singles Chart 1

The UK Hit Singles Chart 2

Spotlight on Derby, UK

Around the World in Fifteen Pictures 3

Christmas ESL Quiz 1 - Flying Carols

Christmas ESL Quiz 2 - The Twelve Days of Christmas

Christmas ESL Quiz 3 - Christmas Spelling Quiz


Research Tasks:

In the News - on 7th April 2006

In the News - on 27th March 2006

In the News - on 19th August 2005


English Banana.com's Reely Gud Speeling Test!

General Knowledge:

It's a Wonderful World!


Amazing Facts 1

Amazing Facts 2

Likes & Dislikes 1

The Great British History Quiz!

"And the Academy Award for Best Picture goes to..."

Reading Comprehension 1 -'A Christmas Carol', by Charles Dickens

Reading Comprehension 2 -'The Mill on the Floss', by George Eliot