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Interesting Blog about Belarus

Surfing the Net today, I've found a very interesting blog about our country. It has a very funny title, but it's fullfilled with a lot of interesting information and different facts. This blog can be read in several languages. Heta Belarus Dzietka is a blog about Belarus written by two blond-blue-eyed girls who view the country with foreign eyes. We want to celebrate together with our readers the Belarusian uniqueness.  Through a series of articles about the sometimes strange, special and affectionate things we have encountered in Belarus we will lead you on a journey to understanding the character of Belarus, which we have learned to love so much.

Heta Belarus Dzietka (translates to "That's Belarus, Babe") exemplifies, questions, celebrates and banters the nation of bulba love, cubic library, and generous and spontaneous folk. All in the name of fun!


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